About Us

Serving the wine industry for over half a century

For over 70 years, C-Line Express has been getting cargo to the right place at the right time for the right price. You can truly count on our experience. 

Products We Haul

  • Empty Glass
  • Cork
  • Capsules
  • Winery equipment & Supplies
  • Cased goods
  • Oak barrels
  • Barrel alternatives
  • Labels
  • Packaging material
  • Grapes
  • Waste water

Our fleet

Our trucks range in size from 16 ft. bobtails to 53 ft. semi's. Our fleet is 95% company owned and 5% owned by independent operators. We meet or exceed all the Department of Transportation Safety and Training requirements and conduct extensive background checks on all our drivers.

Outstanding safety, leadership and performance

We have ingrained a philosophy of safety and quality in our corporate culture and our Workman¹s Compensation and General Liability loss ratios bear this out. We proudly meet all Department of Transportation Safety Regulations. Safe operations is key to being reliable. And that¹s the bottom line for you, our valued customer.

C-Line has received numerous awards for safety compliance from the California Trucking Association and California Highway Patrol.

C-Line has also received recognition for Superior Workman's Compensation Insurance Results from the California Trucking Association and California Casualty Company so obviously, safety is a huge issue, for us, in moving cargo. We have ongoing mandatory safety training and seminars. Our vehicle Inspection and Maintenance schedules exceed regulations.

C-Line's insurance meets or exceeds regulated amounts (Certs available on request).

"C-Line trucks share the roads with our families. We are very serious about safety!"
- Todd Walker, Vice President, C-Line Express

Doing our part for the environment

Our vehicles are in compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency and we always go the extra mile even when washing our vehicles. C-Line installed an environmentally friendly washer before it was mandated by law.

"Taking care of the environment is extremely important to us! Our personnel are trained to deal with hazardous materials and wastes that are a part of our industry."

- Todd Walker, Vice President, C-Line Express